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Voice for Equality and Rights of Women Athletes

The Project

V.E.R.A. project aims at increasing equal opportunities, inclusion, diversity and fairness in the European sports system by enhancing protection and equality of women athletes’ rights, empowering athletes themselves and organizations that represent them to work towards this objective and, therefore, towards a richer and more balanced sport system in Europe.

V.E.R.A. Project

Our main goal 

Promote an international network of organizations working to protect, advance and promote women athletes’ rights improving the level of protection, respect and value for them in sport in Europe and, consequently, to build a fairer and more virtuous sporting world.

The project will target 4 objectives



safeguards, support and representation for women athletes, boosting awareness on and protection of their fundamental rights in the profession, contributing to a full enjoyment and recognition of their sporting careers.



awareness among the European sport systems and general sport audience on the benefits and the added value that gender equality and diversity can bring to sport and athletes through advocacy, information and networking.



an European platform for athletes, organizations and professionals to strengthen the opportunity to exchange best practices and possible solutions to common challenges, increase empowerment and cooperation.



mentoring and mutual support between athletes and professionals of organizations that represent and support them, encouraging blended training and multi-professional cooperation.


Main outputs: What will we produce?

coming soon



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